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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Pack the Plates.

Usually, my mum would leave some piece of meat for the person packing her plates after meal.
My motivation to pack her plate was the meat. On a particular day, the plate was empty and I just walked pass. One of my brothers came around, moved by a sense of duty and packed the plates. Mum thanked him and while he engaged both hands carrying the plates, she asked him to open his mouth as she dunked a mouthful chunk! The plate was empty, but her hand was full. I didn't see the hand, I only checked the plate. That lesson never left me.
The reward for packing some plates of responsibilities and duties may not be visible on the plates but wrapped within the faithful fingers of devotion, dedication and selfless service to humanity.
Many people walk pass their fulfillment by looking the other way from obligations simply because the plate poses with an empty reward.
I have since learnt that greatness is postpaid. Greatness is rarely advertised on the screen of reward but disguised like an empty manger bearing the burden of a full Inn.
You cannot predict the weight of a child by the size of his mother. If you missed the blessings of being responsible to your siblings, clients, partner, friends and others, the best thing an anointing oil from a pastor will do in your life is to fry your head for dinner in the 'canteen of frustration'.
So, be eager to pack the plates you find on the table of responsibility: at home, office, neighborhood, the associations you belong to, everywhere...
Don't look at or mind those making fun of you, be intentional and live a life of meaningful impacts in this side of eternity. 
In this life's journey, try to pack the plates along the way. And the Almighty God will reward you.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Nothing is Enough for the Man to Whom "Enough" is too Little.

"Nothing is enough
for the man
 to whom 'enough' is too little.
 If the gods were to listen
 to all the wishes
 and prayers of men,
 all of humankind
 would have perished
 since they constantly wish
 and pray for evils
 to befall one another."
 - Epicurus, Greek philosopher (341 BC to 270 BC).

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Constant Retrogression of Nigeria.

Nigeria's problem has nothing to do with the greed of politicians, corruption and all the stuff blamed for it. Look, there has always been corruption in Nigeria (maybe on a lower scale). Chinua Achebe's novel No Longer at Ease was published in 1960 and it dwelt on things that happened just before independence. The main issue in that novel was bribery and corruption. But it did not stop Nigeria from progressing at a time there was no crude oil.

There is corruption in many of the countries that are progressing speedily. The difference is that those countries genuinely fight corruption. Nigeria had a working system then until the end of First Republic, in spite of the corruption then and other negatives. Guys from the West praised Awo - who gave them free education, first TV, etc. The North praised Bello, who gave them groundnut pyramids, ABU, etc. We praised Zik and Okpala, who transformed education in the East and built factories. The Eastern Nigerian economy was one of the fastest growing in the world then, even without crude oil.

Why was that so? Because Nigeria had a system that encouraged innovation and growth. So no matter how much was stolen, the country continued to progress. What we have since the 70s is anti-progress. It is just a matter of time before everything crumbles. And that queer system encourages corruption, greed, ethnic tensions and backwardness. You cannot yoke people with opposing values together under a unitary system and expect any progress, no matter how you pray and hope. If you release Lagos, or Anambra, or Delta, or Ogun or Kano or Akwa Ibom etc to stand alone as a country, each of them will be far better Nigeria. It is not rocket science.

We should stop deceiving ourselves with this mindset that Nigeria is retrogressing because we have the worst politicians on earth. No. Nigeria is retrogressing because people with opposing values and visions were yoked together without laws that encourage competition, creativity, merit, justice and patriotism. Every month free money is shared to states, creating laziness and lack of accountability. That is why we need restructuring.

So if you like combine Kennedy with Churchill and Gandhi in one person and send to Nigeria, the genius will achieve nothing.

© Azuka OnwukaSeptember 10, 2019

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Assault on the Nigerian Constitution.

"...Slowly but steadily, a supposed Democratic government began its relentless assault on what our Constitution had enshrined as a government of separation of powers. President Buhari took up the role of an avuncular leader and school headmaster. He simply encroached into territories that were clearly not his to tamper with. If Jonathan had tried a small fraction of this, hell would have known no bigger fury. Yet most of our leaders and elders have disappeared from the radar without as much as a whimper...You brood of hypocrites! Jonathan was our whipping boy and we trounced, thrashed and trashed him mercilessly. But now, we have lost our voices, it is not just that our criticism has become muted, they have become practically non-existent because the Presidential trolls have been relentless in the way and manner that they have traduced the few honorable critics. Our pen tigers have stopped writing. Our loquacious activists have since absconded and abdicated their once noble responsibilities. Such is life. The oppressed, according to Paulo Freire, only fears and respects his oppressors. We have all seemingly been cowed (no pun intended) into submission. Heaven forbid! That is neither the Nigerian spirit nor psyche!..." - Dele Momodu.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Everything is Based on Mind,

“Everything is based on mind,
is led by mind and is fashioned by mind.
If you speak and act with a polluted mind,
suffering will follow you,
as the wheels of the ox-cart follow the footsteps of the ox.
Everything is based on mind,
is led by mind and is fashioned by mind.
If you speak and act with a pure mind,
happiness will follow you,
as a shadow clings to a form.”
- Buddha.