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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Never be Afraid to be in the Minority.

If you were to cook 3 cups of rice, would you add 3 cups of salt to it?
Certainly not!
So, in every preparation of rice, the rice always *outnumbers* the salt. Yet a little salt makes a *huge difference/impact* in the overall outcome.
In the room in which you currently are, look up at the ceiling...what is the size of the bulb compared to the size of the room? It is probably a ratio of 1:5000.Yet, *darkness flees* the entire space once the small bulb is *flipped on*.
If I am the "salt of the earth", and the light of the world, then "little me" has the ability to make big things happen.
Sometimes, because we feel *outnumbered or overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of evil or wrong-doers*, we then choose powerlessness, and decide to go with the flow, not standing up for what we believe is right.
Little doesn't mean insignificant. We are *significant*. Our presence should make a *BIG* difference. Stop waiting to be on the side of the majority. They may be the majority, but they are the *trivial majority*, and we are the *impactful minority*.
While they are the *rice of the world*, we are the *salt of the world*. And while they are the *room*, we are the *light*.
Never be influenced by the society; but have influence on the society.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Beware of the Quiet Man.

"Beware of the quiet man.
For while others speak,
he watches.
While others act,
he plans.
And when they finally rest...he strikes."
 - Anonymous. (Culled from the movie, "Vice").

Political Wonders in Nigeria.

The wife of Senator Bola Tinubu, the grand patriach of APC is in the 7th, 8th and 9th senate. Senator Abba Bukar Ibrahim's wife was in the  8th Assembly and now in the 9th, while the senator had earlier spent 8 years as governor of Yobe State. Former Gov. Theodore Orji was in the 8th Senate and also belongs to the the 9th, and his son is the newly-elected speaker of Abia State House of Assembly. The list is endless. 

A major responsibility of these few "special" Nigerian citizens is to ensure that privileges continue to be granted to selected families to entrench themselves in the nation's body politics.

As it is today, go to any critical sector of the economy, be it Central Bank, NNPC, LNG, Banks and other institutions that drive the economy, it is the children of the same parasitic political elites that are in the engine rooms of these "cash cow" institutions. In the meantime, children of the poor are employed as graduate drivers, marketers of bornvita & milo and sometimes made to dance like "captured monkeys" on major highways to promote those products. There is virtually no level-playing field for young people in the country. 

It's however baffling that many of these same oppressed educated masses are yet to understand that they have been  programmed to "live on crumbs" and die as second class citizens in their country.

That the hordes of political loyalists continue to insult themselves as mere tools or pawns in the chessboard of this game called Nigerian politics is mind-boggling.

That the poor and the oppressed Nigerians regularly come on Facebook and other social media to idolize, eulogise and practically worship the same people that have trampled on their humanity for so long, is the 9th wonder of the World.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Nigerian Billionaires.

While going through the latest list of the 14 richest black individuals in the world, I saw Folorunsho Alakija in the 12th position with $1.1 billion, in the 11th position was Abdulsamad Rabiu with $1.6 billion, 2nd position had Mike Adenuga with $9.1 billion and occupying the 1st position was Aliko Dangote, $10.9 billion. I asked myself, how the heck did those guys make their billions of dollars in a country rich in Oil but now rated as one of the most poverty-stricken nations in the world?
Folorunsho Alakija
Here are two examples; Alakija was formerly a sewing mistress until she met the wife of the then president Babangida through whom she was gifted with an oil well and…boom she became a billionaire…just like that! And what about the richest Nigerian (Dangote)? Using his powerful connections with the nation’s political leadership, the man was able to monopolize the supply of sugar, cement, flour and other essential commodities in a nation of over 150 million people. 
Aliko Dangote
That was when I remembered “King Rat”, a 1962 novel by James Clavell which was set in the World War Two era. It was a narration of the struggle for survival by American and European prisoners of war in a Japanese camp in Singapore. At the end of the war, the Japanese surrendered to a battalion of American troops that arrived at the camp. The American troops were shocked to discover that all the prisoners of war were in terribly deteriorating conditions as a result of a deliberate act of starvation used by the Japanese.  As the soldiers went around the camp to provide immediate succor to the physically-emaciating prisoners of war, one of them stepped forward before the stunned Americans. He was looking very robust and fresh and everyone was wondering how the heck he looked so different. The commander of the American troops was so disgusted and angry that he ordered the immediate arrest and detention of the erstwhile prisoner of war pending a court-marshal. It was discovered during the trial that the erring soldier had, all the while, been collaborating with the Japanese captors and taking advantage of his fellow soldiers. In return, the Japanese allowed him to maintain an “animal husbandry” whereby he reared some bush rats that he was selling, as a source of protein, through trade-by-barter to feed only those who had personal valuables to offer him. 

Nigerian billionaires simply reminds me of King Rat.